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International Shipping FAQ

Why don't you ship via parcel post?
Nutritional supplements are a perishable item that requires careful handling to avoid getting damaged. Additionally, we found through experience that Customs was much more likely to refuse the importation of vitamins and nutritional supplements when it came via the mail service. Finally, the United States Postal Service will not insure mail against loss or damage once it is shipped outside the United States.

I want to order your vitamins, but shipping is so expensive. What do you advise?
Because the costs for shipping via UPS Worldwide is $100.00 U.S. plus $10.00 per item, it is in your best interest to order 6 or more items to defray costs. Our typical international customer orders 6-13 bottles at once. Best Eye Vitamin pricing is reduced at quantities of 3 bottles and above, which offers you additional savings.

Why is shipping so expensive?
There are several expenses associated with shipping your product internationally. While the main portion of the cost is the package itself, both the weight of the package and import duties add to the costs.

I wanted to order, but I don't see my country listed to those you send to. Can I still order?
We currently ship to the following countries: Australia, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Many countries disallow the importation of nutritional supplements. Continental Europe is particularly problematic, and so we have had to discontinue shipping there. If your country is not listed and you are not in one of the problematic areas just listed, email us at info @ BestEyeVitamins.Com. We may be able to accommodate your request.

Why don't you ship to Canada?
Canadian customers are frequently upset that shipping across a close border is so expensive; despite the Free Trade Agreement, it costs as much to ship to Canada as halfway around the world. Customs regulations and duties, however, added so much to the costs, and complaints were so frequent, that we removed Canada from our list of countries to which we ship vision supplements.

Will you change the paperwork to underestimate what I paid so that I will be charged less in duties?

I have additional questions. How should I contact you?
Email us at info @ BestEyeVitamins.Com